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Environment and Forest Resources

Environment and Forest Resources Research Group
Environment and Forest Resources Research Group


The researchers of the Environment and Forest Resources Department of the Renewable Energy Research Institute have a long career as a research group, widely demonstrated both in the development of Research (in the form of Doctoral Thesis or Research Projects) and the Development of agreements with companies. This Section constitutes a multidisciplinary university group formed by forest engineers, agronomists, biologists, environmentalists and physicists. which contribute their specific training in the development of different studies and I+D+i projects.

These different approaches are reflected in the diversity of objectives that are addressed in the Section, among which the research on the nature and effects of environmental impacts that originate as a result of the enormous development of alternative energies in our country, and the application of techniques and procedures for monitoring and evaluating the environmental impact of this type of project. In parallel, a series of scientific activities are developed within the field of forest management in the new context of global change, applied in the study of the regeneration of masses of conifers. At the same time, outstanding is the work done in the inventory and estimation of forest and agricultural biomass (eg reforestation of agricultural land with fast growing species), as well as in the measurement of CO2 and H2O flows in forestry and agricultural systems in Castilla -The Spot. Last but not least, the study of the biochemical and microbiological properties of soils from different forest ecosystems and subject to different silvicultural treatments, as impact indicators.