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Admission Requirements

Student Admission Requirements

To access this degree course, as established in Article 14 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and must pass the exam referred in Article 42 of Spanish Universities Act 6/2001, amended by Act 4/2007, of 12 April, without prejudice to the other admission mechanisms foreseen by the legislation in force. In this regard, the provisions on procedures for admission to universities indicated in Article 3 of Royal Decree 1892/2008 will apply, in additional to the Sole Transitional Provision on the enforceability of said Royal Decree. Applicants may also select one of the following routes of admission to these studies: Advanced Vocational Training or an equivalent whose syllabus is related to the degree’s study content, university degrees, entry examinations for the over 25s, admission via accreditation of work or professional experience, entry examinations for the over 45s, or equivalent qualifications.

If more than one route of admission is available to the applicant, he or she may make use of both of them simultaneously in order to access these studies at the time of submitting their early application.

Students who take University Entry Examinations may be interested in reading general information on said exams, as well as on how subjects are weighted in the specific stage of each test by clicking the following link.

Detailed specifications on admission to the UCLM can be found in the 'Pre-University - Admission' section, please visit this webpage for more further information.



Student profile

It is recommended that new students have a solid background in Mathematics and Physics, as these will be the first subjects studied, together with Electronics and Computer Science. Students should also be capable of performing simple analytical processes and synthesis, have an aptitude for being creative and using their initiative, as well as being committed to working to a high standard and in a team.

Early application and enrolment
The enrolment process complies with the general provisions of the UCLM.

You can find more information on enrolment in the “Pre-University” section of this webpage.