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Ejercicio Fisico

Physical exercise


t is proven that regular exercise help us mantain good health, both phydical and psychological. Also it prevents disease. Performing a physical activity takes part in our daily lives, help us shape our character, discipline and decision making.

In advance, we will  explaine all the benefits it brings and invite you to follow some simple steps to stay active. In addition, in the Sports Service of the UCLM you can find numerous sports and leisure activities that for sure will improve your quality life.

Physical Activity

We call physical activity any movement of the body produced by musculoskeletal that entails an energy expenditure above the level of rest. Physical activity is described by the dimensions of frequency, intensity, and time.

Is physical activity and exercise the same?

No, they are not the same. We call physical exercise a specific type of physical activity that corresponds to a planned, structured and repetitive body movement, and performed with an objective related to the improvement or maintenance of one or more components of physical fitness.

Well, then… What is exercise?

Sport is known as all types of training activities that, through participation, organized or not, have as their purpose the expression or improvement of physical and mental condition.In addition to the development of social relationships or the achievement of results in competitions of all levels.

Being part of an rewarding workout is associated with multiple health benefits:

  • It reduces the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer, depression and decreases the risk of falls.
  • Improves bone and functional health.
  • It helps regulate caloric balance and control body weight.


We live in industrialized societies, the development of technology has made it easier for us to do many tasks that previously required more effort.

Physical inactivity is the 4th risk factor for mortality in the whole world. As a conclusion, sit down less, walk more and exercise.

Physical activity guidelines for adults

Move for your health

  • Perform at least 150 min of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 min at vigorous intensity.
  • At least two days per week, perform muscle-strengthening activities, bone mass improvement and flexibility exercises. More Information.

Do you consider yourself as an active person?



  • Reduce prolonged sedentary periods of more than 2 hours.

  • Take active breaks every 1-2 hours. Take a short walk.

  • Limit screen time and sedentary activities.

  • Encourage the practice of physical activity and active transport.