Internal Management System

Measurement, analysis and improvement is directly related to the internal quality management system of the Degree in Pharmacy (SGICF). To this end, the Faculty of Pharmacy has created a Quality Assurance Committee, which has designed the list of procedures (some directly from the UCLM and others from the Centre itself) which are included in the attached material, for the development of each of the chapters adapted to the ANECA's VERIFICA programme. All these procedures are developed in the Procedures Manual of the Quality Assurance System of the Degree in Pharmacy (MPSGICF), which also includes two annexes. The first one on tools for the collection of information and the second one on the table of indicators that constitutes the Degree's scorecard.

The Management Team of the Centre and, in particular, its Dean Commissioner, as the main responsible, acts as it corresponds to the Management of any organisation committed to the establishment, development, review and improvement of a quality management system. In this respect, it assumes the responsibilities set out in the IQAS document. It establishes the proposed policy and objectives of the Centre; it has appointed a Quality Coordinator to represent it in all matters relating to the monitoring of the IQAS; it has proposed the functions of the Quality Assurance Committee; it will promote the creation of improvement teams to deal with the results of the reviews and evaluations carried out, leading at all times the actions corresponding to the IQAS.

As an initial sign of its commitment to quality management, the Dean Commissioner of the Centre proposes the development and implementation of an IQAS in the Centre, coordinated by the University's Quality Assessment Office, in accordance with the guidelines established by ANECA's VERIFICA Programme.

As a consequence, both the people of the Centre and any others whose functions are related to the processes of the system are involved in carrying out activities related to the IQAS, each of them being responsible for the implementation, in their specific field of activity, of the system established in this IQAS manual (MSGICF).

Therefore, the Dean Commissioner of the Centre requires that all persons in the Centre act in a diligent and careful manner, so that there is not the slightest impairment in the quality specified for the services it provides.

Likewise, the Dean Commissioner invites everyone in the Centre to make proposals for improvement, which will be studied and, if necessary, promoted by the Quality Assurance Committee, with the aim of improving quality processes and results.