The purpose of the transversal doctoral training programme is to offer the candidate skills complementary to his or her research activity. These activities, included in the Royal Decree 99/201 on Doctoral Studies, can be taken throughout the doctoral study period.


The transversal training programme organized by the International Doctorate School for each academic year includes both the Doctoral Days and the "Thesis in three minutes" competition, and the courses and activities that will be announced on this page.


The G-9 Group of Universities, to which our university belongs, offers its Training Plan for Doctoral Students, aimed at students enrolled in a Doctoral Programme at any of the 9 institutions in the Group.

Offer of training activities


User training plan for the UCLM Library:

The UCLM University Library has a User Training Plan that includes actions to:

  • Make its services known among users.
  • Publicize the various resources of the Library.
  • Train the different users in the tools the Library makes available to them.
  • Exhibit the library facilities.

This plan includes both classroom and on-line training, tutorials and videos. For further information: "https://www.uclm.es/areas/biblioteca/aprende-usar

The TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCES CLASS is an organized set of online courses that aim to offer complementary training in transversal skills that contribute to the comprehensive development of the UCLM community: students, services staff (PAS), and teaching and research staff (PDI).